amelia anthony


Listening in on horror: Why many women love true crime podcasts, Aeon Psyche, 2023.


senior thesis project in the nonfiction writing program: Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered: A Cultural and Literary Analysis of Female Listenership of True Crime Podcasts, Brown Digital Repository, 2022. 


“Las Notitas” for “La Liada Graficá DIY Festival” in Alicante, Spain 2023. 12-page zine created by Harper McCallie (illustration, design) and me (text, design).

2022 Night Out Manifestation, Hobart Pulp, 2022.


Don’t Throw Riders Under the Bus: RIDOT’s Flawed “Multi-hub” Plan Faces Public Opposition: The College Hill Independent, 2020

The Crisis within a Crisis: The Story of COVID-19 and Evictions in Providence: The College Hill Independent, 2020


On Wee World-Building: A meditation on the miniature through dollhouses, play with scale, and Synecdoche, NY: The College Hill Independent, 2021

iWork, uWork, WeWork: How the coworking industry is failing freelancers: The College Hill Independent, 2019

Building a Bigger Table: A look at Cohen v. Brown and legal battles over Title IX, in athletics and beyond: The College Hill Independent, 2019

Unpacking the Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike: The Brown Daily Herald, 2019

dear indie*

Ultimate Dear Indie Breakup Guide, 2021

Dear Indy X-Rated,

Rapid-Fire, 2021

*from my tenure as The College Hill Independent’s weekly advice columnist, see in full here.